About Grandma Suzie

I have spent my life saving money so that I always had enough to go around. I write about topics that interest senior citizens, stories from my past, and lessons from what life has presented me along the way. My poetry was written in my 40’s.

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, married my high school sweetheart, spent many years as a military wife, lived all over the United States – with 30 years in the Midwest, have raised 5 sons, and am now raising my husband – who seems to be living his 2nd childhood.

I love to give and that is what this website is about. What you will find here is a collection of stories, poems, lessons that I have learned, lessons that others have learned, and other things that I want to write about.

If you see something you like, feel free to let me know. If you have something you want to publish, please send it my way.

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