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by admin on January 27, 2009

Recently, I was working on a project in writing, but just couldn’t get my thoughts together on the subject, so decided to give it up for the night and try to get some sleep.  However, as frequently happens, I lay there wide awake with thoughts just tumbling through my head, in one direction or another.  Finally, decided it was pointless to stay in bed, so here I am at the computer at an “early hour of the morning”,  waiting for inspiration to “hit” me.  One can’t help be aware of all the latest news in our country as well as the world and the political situation.  It is disheartening to hear the economic situation recently developing and its effect on all of us.  Then the devastation from hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, floods, fires and earthquakes is cause enough to keep our nerves and emotions in an uproar!

Through the years I have been so blessed to have had five sons!  They are all grown men now, with families of their own.  Unfortunately, they live scattered across the states, so I seldom get to see them or my grandchildren (and their children).  Yet in my mind, they are still the little rambunctious, devilish, adorable, little fellows always looking for something else to do which might aggravate their mom or dad or help pass their time.  I can recall each of their births so vividly and oh, such joy when I learned that each was expected.  When pregnant with my first son, it was such a new experience as I never recall even being around a baby before and I was totally clueless what to do with one!  So  many mistakes I made raising him, it was truly God’s will that he survived!  My anticipation for his birth was so great, I remember frequently opening the little dresser containing the baby clothes and laying them all out, touching them and rubbing against my face.  Imagining how the baby would look in the white, yellow and pale green blankets, nighties, shirts, bootees, sleepers, etc.  These were the colors used in the “olden days” when not knowing the gender of the expected child .

Then no greater joy or thrill can compare with holding that little newborn in my arms and getting introduced for the first time.  Oh how, I loved being a mother!  Then number 2, 3, 4 and 5 came along and each time I was expecting, it was like I had never had a baby before (except by then I was smarter and knew better what to do in caring for them).  It is unexplainable, unimaginable happiness with these little gifts from God.

When my sons were young, I never thought much about the future  when they’d be grown and out on their own as I was so busy getting them through those years,  I never planned in my mind any particular career choice for any of them.  My only wish and desire was that they decide on something where they’d earn enough to support their families, look forward to going to work and enjoy their choice for their life’s work, and I might add that it has always been important that they know where they’ll spend eternity.

Another area of contemplation that bothers me late at night, however, is how each of my sons will survive the present economic situation and how it will affect them as each are involved in some phase of financial services and their livelihood depends on good economic times.  We are all aware of the political situation and it is beyond me how anyone would even want the job of being president!  What a mess of problems and amount of decisions to be facing when newly elected.  But, then I have to remember that God is in charge of this world of ours and He is the one who makes the choices of government officials.  Thank God, I do have faith in Him and know that He is aware of our world and nothing takes Him by surprise.  There must be a purpose for each of us, but finding out what it is can be quite a challenge.

Will, I believe I have finished relaying my many scattered thoughts for one night (or should I say morning?) and I should try again to get some sleep.  Many of my friends have the same problem, but we haven’t figured a cure as yet.  We sleep when we can, whether napping in our recliners during the day or perhaps getting a few hours sleep at night.  So long for now and God’s Blessings on y’all!    Grandma Suzie

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