A Daughter's Love – An Ode To My Grandfather on Valentine's Day

by admin on February 19, 2009

She came into this world crying, not knowing where she was. But there was this man standing looking down on her with love.

His voice—it sounded familiar. It’s one she’d heard before. It’s the voice that would guide her as she made it through this world.

Through birthdays and holidays, proms and more, her daddy would be there as she grew from a little girl.

He would walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. He’d tell her that he loved her and he wished that she could stay.

Though they no longer lived together and mother was gone, father and daughter would remain just a phone call away.

Through the years, he loved her each and every day. She gave him grandchildren whom he nicknamed in a very funny way.

For many years, life was good. Father helped daughter as only a father could.

Thanksgivings, Christmases and birthdays too, father would be there celebrating with the rest of the crew.

No one knows when it happened, but suddenly things changed. Father didn’t want daughter to know that he wasn’t quite the same.

He was losing strength each and every day. He could no longer do the same things in the same strong, fatherly way.

Father was independent though and didn’t need any help – at least that’s what he said. But daughter knew better and she kept him safe instead.

She came into this world, helpless but adored. She grew up from daddy’s little girl.

She didn’t know then what she knows today. She got the chance to love her dad as he loved her on her very first day.

The day he went away, she told him that she loved him and she wished that he could stay.

He left this world helpless, but adored. For the woman standing there looking down on him was daddy’s little girl.

Poem by Stephanie Hoglund

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