A Funny Not So Long Ago Impression

by admin on February 2, 2009

Well, I believe I am running down for today, but will end with something humorous that happened to me last week.  My 78 yr old girlfriend invited me to lunch to meet her new man friend (who’d recently lost his wife).  While eating, we had a really enjoyable time getting to know each other.  After we finished, I excused myself to go to the Ladies’ room.  When I returned, they were both laughing hilariously!

I asked what was so funny and my friend said when I left the table, there was a piece of toilet tissue hanging from my waistband to the floor.  Her friend said he thought about reaching out and grabbing it before I left, but thought I might think he was getting “fresh”, so he didn’t do anything, but they just watched me crossing the restaurant “flapping in the breeze”.  I don’t expect she’ll ever let me forget this.  What an impression I must have made on her friend!

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