Customer Service Just Ain't What It Used To Be

by admin on February 2, 2009

Senior couple on cycle rideEnough of this serious stuff, a bit of rambling thoughts is needed, I was remembering a job I once had as a salesclerk in an “upper class” neighborhood department store.  We were on our feet constantly seeking out customers to help. Also, I remember going into department stores and always being greeted by a very courteous hello and “may I help you?” from fast responding salesclerks.

One day way back in the day, I found out they had hired a lady undercover policewoman who specialized in watching for shoplifters.  She appeared in the store on her first day as a very well-to-do fashionably well-dressed lady.  I wanted to spend time talking with her concerning all the aspects of her special job, but in those days, as I already indicated, salesclerks actually spent time with shoppers in finding particular items.  So I just observed her movements through the department and occasionally I’d hear the door alarm go off.  Then I’d know that someone was caught sneaking out without paying for something.  It was quite fascinating watching her in action.

It is quite different today when shopping and the personal service we used to receive just isn’t available most places due to necessity of employee cutbacks for economic reasons.  It is frustrating,  when in a store and needing help and not being able to find anyone nearby to contact.  I don’t know how many times I have selected what I wanted to buy on my own and then have turned to find the nearest checkout stand only to find so many of them closed. And usually when I find one that is open, it has a long line. Sadly, it is just a “sign of the poor economic times” and the need for stores to cut down on their staff, so it is just something else that we all have to accept, deal with, and make adjustments whenever necessary.

That’s enough now with this short story.

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