Danny – A Poem About My Son

by admin on February 9, 2009

When in my early 40’s, I was a single, working mother, with a young son.  After he was asleep at night, it frequently became very lonely (and quiet) in my apartment, and ideas started entering my mind and I began writing poetry.  In thinking about my sleeping son, the following is what I wrote.  I still enjoy reading it over, after 30 years!   Hope someone else will find some enjoyment in reading it also!  What is interesting is that his first toy at age one was a Matchbox car and he never lost his love for cars.  He has been employed in an automobile dealership for many years as a top notch salesman!       Grandma Suzie


All alone am I, with a five-year old child
Oh, he’s so sweet though he’s driving me wild!
His energy ne’er dwindles throughout the long day
Running and jumping, always at play.

Adorable, loving, intelligent, smart…..
All these things make him so dear to my heart!
He pesters and bugs me, chatters like mad……
Yet cuddling and hugging, makes me so glad.

In eating, he’s fussy and limits me so….
He’s pokey, he dawdles, yet ready to “go”!
And french fries are his fav’rite wherever we are
For toys he’s not choosey, just make it a car!

His attention is short, his patience gives out
Sometimes his actions deserve a good “clout”!
In school he’s a “pistol”, his teachers despair
I suppose they must frequently pull at their hair.

And talk about dirty, his clothes are a sight
He turns shades lighter in his bath ev’ry night.
His room is so messy, his toys scattered wide,
And when he has friends in, there’s no place to hide!

His hair is so blonde, his eyes are quite blue
And his smile is so sweet, too good to be true.
Oh, I love my dear son, and thankful am I
That he’s part of my life, a great little “guy”!

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