God Doesn't Give Up!

by admin on February 19, 2009

Have you ever been down, and feelin’ so low
Your spirits did sag, your face without glow?
No song in your heart, no joy in your soul,
Feeling quite lost, never be whole?

Do you think that you’ve strayed and fallen from grace
That God’s anger is sure, He’s turned His sweet face?
Well, lift up your head, put faith in your heart,
GOD DOESN’T GIVE UP, He’ll give a fresh start!

He knows we are weak, our paths not run straight,
But He’ll still give His LOVE, His patience is great!
We think that our acts will cause us to burn,
That He’ll quick knock us down, from us He will turn.

But He’s LOVE cries my soul, my spirit within . . .
He’s chance for new birth, new life can begin!
I only can take, one step at a time
And if I should fall, into dirt, into grime.

Our Lord stretches out, His love and His hand,
Forgiveness is there, He’ll understand!
So, keep faith in your heart and never despair
GOD DOESN’T GIVE UP, He’s always there!

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