Lament To A Beard

by admin on February 8, 2009

While I was a single Mom for a few years, I worked in the Drafting Dept of an Engineering Firm, as secretary to 12 men.  One of the men wore a beard and we all teased him a little about it, until one day he had come to work all clean-shaven.  Later that night, feeling in a humorous mood, I started remembering him and being in a poetic frame of mind, came up with the following very silly poem which was a lot of fun writing.  Perhaps it will bring someone a chuckle as it did for me the many times I have read it over through the years.  Grandma Suzie


Now hairs may come, and hairs may go,
But beards spring to life when allowed to grow!
Some may improve, and some will detract,
Please, will you tell me, will yours ever come back?

You know how I felt when I first saw your face,
The beauty of each hair as they sprang into place.
Each sweet little curl, so colorful, so gay,
Why, tell me why, did you shave them away?

Didn’t I always exclaim when you came into sight,
How the only thing wrong, a trim would make right?
Which I, of course, was most willing to do . . . .
You denied me such fun, now shame unto you!

And now, I’m so sad, much grief do I bear,
Because you, so thoughtlessly, cut off your hair!
Be they wiry, or bushy, or straight as can be,
Yours was the one most appealing to me!

Now I sit, and I ponder, interrupting my work,
Oh, why did you shave, was it only some quirk?
And where do beards go, when they’re all shaved away . . .
Is there some special place where they all go to stay?

Do they sorrow, then sign and woefully claim,
Their usefulness gone, with no face and no name.
Do they restlessly yearn, shed many a tear,
For only a glimpse of the one they held dear?

Can you ever forget this great message I send,
That beards signify strength, bring honor to men,
Much dignity, power, appraisal and glory,
What it all could have meant (why sadden this story?)
So, feel much regret, for this deed you have done.
For now we do mourn, for the “passing” of one!

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