Listening To Others

by admin on February 27, 2009

It’s about noon now and not my usual time for writing. Usually I lay down to sleep and then thoughts start tumbling around in my head, but today I can blame this article on my #3 son, who telephoned a little while ago. He can be quite “bossy”, yet since he is my “writing mentor”, guess he is excusable. But I told him our roles have reversed, as mothers are the ones who “boss” their sons around, telling them what to do!

Another son is also good at “advising me”, but I sometimes forget he’s a family man and doesn’t need his mother offering unsolicited advice. I usually know that I have overstepped my advising role when he responds MO-THER! I have tried to tell him that what I’m telling him is only information that I am not sure he’s familiar with, but that doesn’t seem to help undo his lack of patience with me. I have learned to “shut up” when I get the Oh Mother prompt. In these cases, I hastily retreat with advise-giving and change the topic.

My sister is also quite good at giving me advise, or suggestions, though usually I am quizzing her about something and I am sure I frequently am annoying! As my younger sister, she’s good at reminding me how old I am and what do I expect, at my age (which soon will be 73!). Even though she is my younger sister, her advice is pretty good when I think about it, I just have to let it get past my ego.

Seems I have had this stubborness about listening to others all my life. For example, when younger, I was always asking my Dad questions and I am sure I must have been a bother to him also, but I guess I have an inquisitive mind and need answers to many things.

This all brings me to the point of this little expose. When I think back to things that have happened in my life and consider all the advice I have gotten along the way I can see that in most cases, the advice that I let in and acted upon has generally paid off.

For example, several years ago my health started to get the best of me such that I had to quit working out of the house. When this happened, I really got depressed about what my life’s purpose was. I talked to my sister a lot about it, and to a couple of my sons. They all had suggestions for me but I didn’t really listen to them. As a result, I was housebound with no purpose which made me miserable.

However, I guess I had told my desire to my sons and sister about wanting to write my life’s story which led them into encouraging me to start writing. Which I started to do. Then my #3 son asked me to do some writing for one of his websites. This got my writing juices flowing even more. In talking to my #3 son, he encouraged me to really start writing short stories about my life, things I have learned along the way etc. He told me that if I would write them that he would put together a website for my writing.

Well, I took the plunge and it has been wonderful. I have written quite a bit for both my son’s business and for my own website. Incidently, yes – is the name that my son and I came up with.

I’m now living my dream of being a writer that I have had since I was in high school and have a purpose. All of this is because I listened to others.

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