Ode To My Car – A Funny Poem

by admin on February 8, 2009

One night, in a frivolous mood, and having nothing better to do, I came up with this “Ode to my old car”, (which was always giving me trouble.)    Grandma Suzie


My car is again, not running too well,
Sometimes I do think, for a nickle I’d sell!
I stepped on the gas, already to run,
The car wouldn’t budge, asleep in the sun!
I called on a friend, he hastily peaked
And quickly discovered, the car had much leaked.
The fluid was gone, and lucky was I – - -
That I hadn’t been blown clear-to-the-sky!
So to the garage, I barely could go,
But thankfully now, nothing will flow!
Thanks to my Lord, my car is Okay.
Hopefully then, it’ll stay that way!

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