Proud Of My Sons

by admin on February 9, 2009

My sons have all grown and left the home. In fact they have been out of my house for nearly 15 years now, but it seems just like yesterday that one of my sons was still living with me. I miss my sons, but I’m so proud of each and every one of them. They live in all parts of the country and are into a variety of careers including financial services, internet automobile sales, and hospice care.

Two of my sons have gone off to college and gotten masters degrees. One of my sons who went to college went to UC Davis in California and the University of New Orleans for his masters, and the other went to Susquehanna University and then Vanderbilt University for his masters. It has been wonderful watching my sons grow up to be family men with some of them and build their careers and lives for themselves. Again, I’m so proud of them.

One of my sons, my oldest, has trained himself for hospice care. I’m so proud of him for this as it is a service that is dear to my heart given I have seen many of my friends over the years move on to God and heaven. I’m also happy about this given my bouts with cancer. Yes, I have survived cancer 3 times now.

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