The Sandwich Generation – We All Survive

by admin on February 2, 2009

One advantage to “being older” is getting away with being a “weirdo”.  Just about any action, word, expression others can explain away with “Well, really, she IS up in years now, you have to overlook things she says or does!”  I’m not sure I like having myself explained that way, but well, I guess I’ve always had some weirdness about me!

Just finished shampooing and setting my hair which I know will be standing out every which way when I take the rollers and pin curls down tomorrow, but had to give up my weekly hairdresser appt. Boy it has been a long time since I put my own hair up in curlers that I called my hairdresser yesterday to ask about the type shampoo-in hair color I thought I once used. No wonder I couldn’t find it as it has been renamed, bottle color changed to pink from gray, and size reduced! I thought maybe adding a little dark blond to my white hair might make me look younger, but that really won’t look so good with aging, wrinkling skin on my face.  I must accept that I am in my elder years whether I like it or not!

When in my early 40’s I went through the “Sandwich Generation”. I had a 6 year old son, was newly remarried and my parents were in their late 70’s and quite ill.  These types of circumstances make it tough on this group of adults averaging 40-60 years as they working hard to support their families, as I was. Life is even tougher if you have young children in school or older ones participating in athletics or even putting one or two sons or daughters through college.

There are so many challenges people face during these years. Older parents become ill and more dependent for support and need care in daily living, many times sacrifices are necessary. Other times married adult sons or daughters have children and as a grandparent, you are often called upon for babysitting or chauffeur services and expected to attend their school/church functions.  If you are older age, your own health may no doubt be feeling the stress and you may find it necessary to seek personal medical care.

It’s especially tough dealing with this period in your life now with economic problems hitting all around you. There’s not a daily news broadcast that isn’t mentioning some new trouble our nation is facing. Get a positive attitude, live within your means and keep the faith that you’ll make it through. You will, like I have – even when it doesn’t seem like it is going to be that way.

I personally survived all of the above hardships, but admit, “it ain’t been easy!”, but we do get through these years.  Even though I am over 70, I still get concerned about my own sons and son-in-law who are all in this “sandwich generation” period of time.  Would love to just “swish” all the troubles away for each of them, but know that there is purpose in the things we endure.  All that happens to us is building character and developing a toughness where we can face life’s challenges no matter how difficult the road we’re traveling in life seems to be!

So long for now.  God’s blessings on all who might be reading about these “antics” of grandma suzie!

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