Writing To Clear My Head

by admin on February 27, 2009

It seems I’ve been having a lousy mood lately and my mind has been blank for story ideas.  My son told me to just write down whatever thoughts I was presently having and see where it goes. He also added, “when had he ever steered me wrong”?, which is true, since he’s been such a blessing in getting me to think of story ideas and I’m learning presentation of my thoughts. Actually, he ought to reconsider advising me to write down the thoughts tumbling around in my head as he might be surprised!

My last son, #5 (mentioned above) installed my computer, printer, speakers and television, so frequently call him when I have problems with my Internet or Email systems. His only problem is he says he needs to actually be here to see what I am doing wrong in order to correct it. Then I call #3 son who frequently can give me some instructions. The other day I had a phone call from a girlfriend and we were discussing my not being able to access my Web site and she told me I was typing in the wrong space, which no one had ever explained to me. I now can access “grandmasuzie” . My #3 son helped set up the site for me, but he didn’t realize my lack of accessing the internet as I had not had much experience with “browsing”. Mainly I just check out my Email every other day or so.

My car is still broken down – it has been two weeks now – and the mechanic injured his back several days ago, so I will have a longer wait to get it back.  My husband has a 1989 little red Festiva, which is his fishing car. In order for me to ride with him, he had to clear out over a dozen fishing rods laying across the passenger seat, clean up the floor so there was room for my feet and legs and then laid a small rug down. A neighbor who was watching Sammy’s cleaning out process, knew something was up, as he usually was loading it up, not removing equipment. Only problem with his car is there’s very little heat and thankfully we haven’t had any sub-zero weather while I’ve had to ride along with him, nor can we both go grocery shopping since there’s no room in the back for supplies since he left all his “stuff” loaded in the rear. So, when only needing a few items, I give him a list and he goes off by himself and I wait at home, hoping he gets the right groceries, and doesn’t “blow our budget, with ideas of his own!”

He is anxiously waiting for the winter weather to pass as he is so ready to get back to fishing.  He talks about it everyday.  A friend of his who drives a school bus called on the phone and told him tonight he’d seen people fishing at a nearby lake when he drove past, just trying to tease Sammy, (which worked, too!)  Thankfully, he enjoys reading and he has gone through many books these past few months and he has his re-loading ammunition hobby.  He has several friends who bring him blank shells to work with and he has searched the gun range at the local Sportsmen’s Club picking up empty shells.

Well, that’s about all I have to say, so will close for now.  Perhaps the next story idea I have will be much more interesting.  Have been collecting thoughts on laughter if I can ever get it organized.  Humor is my favorite subject.  So long, and God bless all those who may be reading this.

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