Cherishing Friendship Forever

by admin on March 12, 2009

Stay In Touch With Friends

Stay In Touch With Friends

What to expect when we have a dear friend
Do we anxiously fear, the friendship will end?
Are we so afraid to “let down our hair”
Open our thoughts, lay them all bare?

The tears that we shed, the feelings which hurt
Are we sensitive, sad, far from alert
To other’s deep need for one to confide
Or do we retreat, inside us to hide?

Emotions we have, one for the other
Does it make any diff’rence, “sister or brother?”
In Christ we’re united, in Christ we are one
Our friendships we’ll cherish, as man needs the Son!

Love and acceptance, these both play a part
Give praise for achievement, straight from the heart.
Caring, affection, willing to listen
Knowing such love, our spirits are risen!

But there must be a balance, to give and receive
There’s joy in such sharing, you’d better believe!
When you find a true friend, where trust can be found
Life’s secret is yours, for love will abound.

So hold on to it tight, never cause woe
A friendship’s too precious to ever let go.
It’s a gift from our Father Who’ll gladly bestow
His blessings upon us, His children below!

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