Sammy, My Refrigerator And Some Octopus

by admin on March 12, 2009

My Husband Sammy And His Humor

My Husband Sammy And His Humor

In talking with my writing coach – my son (heh heh), I told him I hadn’t had any story ideas in about a week. Then I mentioned my husband’s recent experience with octopus tentacles in my refrigerator (which rather upset me!) that he was saving for fishing bait. My son suggested I write about that, so in thinking it over, I decided “why not?” Here is my story.

Two days ago Sammy had a phone call from his grand-daughter who’s Secretary in a Tax Office. She asked if he’d be interested in some octopus. He asked how much was she talking about and she was told a trucker had 80 lbs.left-over and didn’t know what to do with it, so he said he’d take all he could get. Later she called and told him to come to the office as she had it and he took off to pick it up. Thankfully, there was only 4 lbs. left. Since he was going fishing the next day, he thawed several tentacles (and put the balance in his garage freezer). He then laid them on kitchen counter and cup the octopus up into chunks for fish bait. Afterwards, he put the pieces in a Baggie and laid on a paper towel on top of a plastic container with half a dozen deviled egg halves inside. Since I couldn’t stand looking at the “stuff”, I was unaware of what he’d done to prepare for his fishing trip the next day.

On Sat. morning I opened the refrigerator and saw the bag which had leaked juice all over the top of deviled egg container. I re-bagged the meat for him to take along and then threw away the wet paper towel and the eggs and thoroughly washed the plastic container. He couldn’t understand my reasoning for disposing of everything outside in the trash barrel.

He once bought some frozen octopus in Florida when we were vacationing, and had it double wrapped and in a cooler with ice, but it started to thaw on the 1000 mile trip back and the odor from the trunk was quite offensive. As I may have mentioned in prior articles, I don’t ever look in his garage freezer. Even winding around the path between the items of junk piled up, is taking your life in your hands, just to reach the freezer! Apparently he has at least 3-3 1/2 lbs. left of octopus out there. Fishing wasn’t any good Saturday, and he brought all the cut-up tentacles back and refroze until his next fishing trip, so guess he is back to about 4 lbs. again.

He loves to cook as I have discussed previously and yesterday he even made the suggestion of making octopus dumplings which about made me gag! I sure hope he’s just kidding, which he is prone to do frequently. Although I am 9 years younger than his 81 yrs, he’s been cooking since he was 6, and I didn’t start until I was 18 and newly married; so that means he should know more about proper cooking than I do, right? However, I read lots of nutrition books, magazines, articles, and watch cooking shows and have 55 years cooking experience, so I shouldn’t be considered a ‘beginner’ (or dummy!). But we differ on how to cook and so if he has decided to make something, I get out of the kitchen (and wish he’d do the same when I am cooking). But he always wants to “help” me which usually means he finishes and I go read a book. Avoids a lot of tension that way!

Well, we don’t have any cooking issues today! He made fried mush for breakfast which was really good, and we have left-over spaghetti (which I made yesterday) for supper. He’s talking about going fishing this afternoon. Hopefully he’ll take his octopus along! So long for now and especially God’s blessing on all the fishermen’s wives out there! Grandma Suzie

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