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by admin on May 28, 2009

Well, again have been having insomnia, so very annoying. I wonder if it comes from watching FBI FILES, or WE 48 HRS/20/20 Case Files before going to bed. Do find the cases fascinating on methods of detection, identification, etc.

Then when I did go to bed last night at midnight, was wide awake, so checked my Email and at 2 AM went back to bed. That is when the idea for this article came to mind and only from strength of will power (or is it “won’t” power) kept me from getting up and going back to the computer.

This afternoon I laid in my recliner for my usual afternoon “nap” or rest, and this idea kept going around in my head, so here I am now to see if I can remember all the things I wrote in my imagination.

Recently, have been ill, again, and two days ago underwent a Colonoscopy after having side pain for 8 weeks.  This was done at a small hospital recently remodeled in a nearby city by a really nice surgeon I met for the first time this week.  Seems at the early 7:30 AM time I was the only patient in the Outpatient Surgical Preparation Room, (or whatever they call it).

I certainly couldn’t have had better treatment anywhere than given to me by the two nurses, the anesthesiologist and physician.  Was happy to find my EKG was normal, which is always a relief.  Can’t recall much of the procedure due to this wonderful amnesiac medication called Verced (sp ?) they give you.  Whole process took about two hours but it was four hours total until I was released.

Will certainly follow instruction sheet on diet to follow to prevent a reoccurrence of diverticulitis as I am not a candidate for surgical removal of 12 or more inches of my colon which could be deadly in my case, and I won’t willingly go that route!  Was quite pleased that no cancer or polyps were found, just diverticulosis pockets which are common as you age.

However, all this is leading up to my remembrance of surgery I had a little over 50 years ago in Oakland Naval Hospital.  My, my, how technology has improved, for which I am eternally grateful!  Back then, after giving birth to a 10 month pregnancy baby whose 9 1/2 lb size did some damage to my “innards”, necessitated surgery when he was about 3-4 months old.

Imagine a capital _A_ which was the position of the table where they laid me for “southern exposure” surgery.  With my “rump” in the air and my legs on the right hanging down and my head and arms on the left hanging down, this was the surgical position.  I kept wondering where were the “knock-out drops” where I’d sleep and not be aware of the embarrassing position, but all I had was a spinal block where my end was numb but I was wide awake!  Kept imagining the wondrous view to anyone passing by the surgery or to all the medical staff gathered around the table.

Comparing that procedure with my recent one is like being in two different worlds! How grateful for Verced, whatever it is, since all I can recall is laying on the table and the doctor asking if I felt sleepy and I told him “No” and he said “well, you will be”, and then saying “oh, my tummy hurts!”  That is from all the air they pump into you and they emphatically suggested I not hesitate to get rid of it as soon as I can.  To my old-fashioned way of thinking, “ladies don’t do things like that, nor discuss it”, and here they’re all happy to encourage me!  Will wonders never cease!!

So, that was my recent experience and can truthfully say that after 8 weeks of pain, I am feeling almost normal, though by now, am not sure what “normal” is any more, since I am still very much aware of my “hairy tongue” feeling! And I’ve been told that won’t ever go away. Guess this ends my story for today and will patiently wait until another idea pops into my head and you’ll again hear from Grandma Suzie.  God’s blessings on all who may be reading this.

Happy Doctor After Successful Surgery

Happy Doctor After Successful Surgery

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