Birthday Greeting To Raelin Grace And Her Reply

by admin on June 17, 2009

Raelin, I sure home you had a wonderful birthday. Sorry this is late, but I cannot get on the computer until evenings as i have to keep the phone line open so your granddad can get work calls. Sure wish I could be around you and watch you as you grow and experience new things. I know your mommy and daddy enjoy seeing you progress in everything you learn new to do. In my mind’s eye, I can imagine you as you learn walking, talking, then running, and even when you learn to say “no” to mommy and daddy.

You’ll be wanting to do “your own thing” and they’ll be interfering with your desires. Oh, happy days ahead for all of you. Do not eat any broken balloons like your Uncle Bill did at one year old. That was a bit scary for me though he didn’t know about it. I will say good night now and give some thought to going to be myself. Much, much love from your Grandma. God’s blessings on you today and all the days of your life.

Raelin’s Reply To Grandma:

Thanks Grandma. I had a great birthday. It started out in the morning with mommy and daddy singing happy birthday to me. I just rested my head on mommy’s leg and smiled at my parents as they sang to me. Then I played all day with Grandma Jackie until Auntie Barb, my babysitter Erica, Uncle Dave and Aunt Lisa came over and we had basgetti dinner and cake and ice cream. You should have seen me with my cake. I’m sure mommy and daddy will get some pictures to you. I grabbed the piece of cake they gave me and shoved it right into my mouth and I ate the whole thing. Oh before I forget, thank you for the card and money. Daddy put the money right in my piggy bank. I also wore a very cute dress for the party last night too. I got more clothes. They say a girl can’t have too many clothes. But I think I have plenty. And I got a lot of educational learning toys too. They are so fun. Boy was I tired though at the end of the night. But I woke up a couple of times in the night and daddy had to get me a bottle at 330 am cause I was hungry. Then I was all better and went back to sleep. Ok, that’s it. I love you Grandma, and daddy and momma say they love you too. They are the bestest.

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