Followup Letter To Raelin Grace From Grandma Suzie

by admin on June 17, 2009

Dear Raelin,

Writing to you is your Daddy’s fault, but am thankful he suggested it!  I had gone to bed but couldn’t sleep and it is getting really late, but you were on my mind and I had to get up and write to you.  Your Daddy said he would save my letters to you and someday when you are old enough, he would read them to you so you could get to know your Grandma Suzie.  I sure wish I could be with you now and hold you as you get sleepy, perhaps read a story or sing a little song, but just feel your warm little body close in my arms.  How I enjoyed cuddling all my babies.  Even though I had five wonderful little boys, each son’s birth was like the first baby I ever had and I had so much pleasure out of caring for each of them.  I have often wondered how little boys and girls might differ in personalities but never had the opportunity to find out.  Have thought that when I get to Heaven someday, I would ask my heavenly Father how come I never had a daughter, but by then it probably won’t matter what with seeing all the wonderful other joys in  Heaven.

My friend has a granddaughter and grandson who are one month apart in age and they just turned three and you can truly see the difference between them.  The little boy is obedient, calm, plays quietly and of a happy temperament but the little girl is just the opposite: into everything, a climber, a runner, gets into every cupboard, cabinet, everything possible she can make a mess with, doesn’t listen, is a bully; in fact what they used to call a “tom boy”.  Her grandmother gets so worn out chasing her around all the time but secretly laughs at all the things she can think of to get into.

I can imagine what joy your Mom and Dad are having with you being 13 months old as you discover new things.  I heard you are now walking and maybe even running by now.  What fun for Daddy and Mommy to be chasing after you!!!!  Are you now biting everything you can get into your mouth?  I was told you had three teeth, if I remember correctly. Sure hope you haven’t had too much pain and discomfort in cutting those teeth and the new ones soon to come in as I know it sure can make a baby irritable.  How well I remember!  I wonder if you will be like your Daddy was at two years of age.  What a little pistol!  He was such a handful and wouldn’t listen to me and his Daddy was the only one who could control him as he was so energetic and on the go all the time, doing his own thing, too, which wasn’t always what we wanted him to do!  He, your Uncle Bill and Uncle Dan were very similar in personality, yet each a bit different but still typical little boys.  Again, I can’t help wondering what little girls are like.  Could we consider you a wee little angel or would there be a better definition for you?

How I wish I could be near you and watch you grow and develop but sometimes the choices we make take us down roads that lead in different directions that we would prefer and there’s not much can be done about it.  Well, I best try to go to sleep again as it is getting late.  I love you so very much and am so thankful for you.  I have saved every picture sent to me from when you were still in your Mommy’s tummy up until the present time.  God’s blessing on you, your Mommy and Daddy.  Much love to you all, Grandma Suzie

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