Grandmotherly Advice – Take Care Of Your Skin Protect It From The Sun

by admin on June 15, 2009

Well, I have recently showered and shampooed my hair for the first time in two weeks, about time, too!  Had a biopsy on my forehead on June 1st, so couldn’t get my hair wet last weekend. For my birthday in March, my wonderful daughter-in-law sent my hairdresser a check for four shampoo & sets. Unfortunately, the first three I used, I ended up being sick and spent three weeks in my faithful old recliner, but my hair surely did look great! My husband’s buddies come for coffee in the mornings and I just smile and wave as they pass by, but I did look good, although In looking myself over closer, realized my old robe is in rags, so need a replacement as soon as the new winter clothing comes in stock.

During the three weeks recuperating, I did look good for the colonoscopy I had, that is until they put those funny looking little hairnets on you during the surgical procedure. Fortunately, with all the hairspray from having had my hair done two days before (one of my free ones), it didn’t squash my hair too much! Then, I also still looked fairly presentable for my Oncology appt and was pleased that my recent illness from diverticulitis had lost me 3 1/2 lbs, (which I have probably put back on, and then some!)

My next treatment, where I still looked good was for a biopsy on my forehead since I had had my hair done two days before and had my bangs brushed to the other side of my forehead to give the dermatologist lots of room for whatever she needed to do. When I was a child, swimming daily was my “thing” and now I am paying for being in the sun so much. Have since learned about the dangers of childhood sun exposure/teenager sunbathing and using sun tanning treatments. It never affects you until later years, then it’s a perfect for cancer to strike which could be pre-cancerous sun spots, squamous or melanoma. The latter being the deadly kind. I was fortunate in that my biopsy just showed the sun spot kind which I had had  “frozen” (called cryosurgery) at least 4-5 times, but never removed the spots. That was the reason the doctor wanted a biopsy as preventative treatment to make certain one of the cancers wasn’t hiding underneath.

I return in three months and she may try cryosurgery once again though she suggested chemo cream treatment, but that is too costly at $150 a tube. She is to send me information for studying and I will discuss it with my Oncologist and get his opinion first, though the cost is prohibitive. Before closing, I want to re-emphasize the need to take good care of your skin when out in the sun, no matter what age you are. They suggest the #30 as the best, and to limit exposure to the sun and re-apply ointment if out for extended periods of time. Cancer is nothing to fool around with and skin cancer can be just as deadly as other bodily types.

That ends it for tonight and God’s blessings on anyone who may be reading this. (And please try to keep in mind some of the “grandmotherly advice I have tried to pass along”)  Grandma Suzie

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